Healthier Together Challenge Update

September 13-26

Social, Occupational, and Cultural Wellness

Grab a friend or co-worker and participate in the new Healthier Together Challenge. Enhance your social connections and cultural awareness with this two-week, text-based challenge.

logo for healthier together challenge

Program Description

The Healthier Together Challenge is a two-week individual challenge designed to help you focus on your cultural, social, and occupational wellness. During the course of this challenge, you will complete activities pertaining to these dimensions of wellness and track them on a self-tracker form.

Throughout the program, you will receive text messages with information, resources, and invitations to mini-challenges. Be sure to provide your cell phone number when signing up to participate in these events.

At the end of the challenge, all participants who submit their completed self-tracker and the post-survey will be entered into a drawing for an office wellness package.

How to Participate

Register here for the Healthier Together challenge. On September 13, you will receive an email with detailed instructions and your self-tracker form. If you have any questions before then, feel free to reach out to your GatorCare Wellness Team at