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Free Online Counseling and Psychiatry

GatorCare members ages 18+ are eligible to receive free and unlimited online counseling and psychiatry services through Talkspace, and members ages 13+ are eligible for free counseling services. Communicate with your provider wherever you are, whenever is best for you. Register using the link below!

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Talkspace Services

Register for your Talkspace benefit using the dedicated GatorCare-Talkspace registration page. Then download the app for ease of use.

For assistance with registration and navigating the app, watch this video.


Your Talkspace psychiatrist can assist you with managing and prescribing your mental health medications (excluding controlled substances). Experience psychiatry from the comfort of your own home, on your schedule. Sessions are conducted via live, confidential video chat.

Counseling – Messaging

Message your Talkspace therapist whenever you have a counseling concern you would like to address. Your Talkspace therapist is available five days per week to respond to your messages via text or via video message. All communication is confidential

Counseling – Live Sessions

Receive free and unlimited online video therapy sessions with your choice of licensed Talkspace providers. Schedule your session for a time that works for you, without spending time on a commute to the office.

Need help?

Please complete this form to report any issues you may experience with registration. You will receive a response within 1-2 business days.

For all other concerns, please review the Talkspace FAQs or contact

Talkspace Resources


More than just a blog, the Talkspace Voice provides articles about mental health and politics, relationship guidance, making the most of therapy, and an “ask a therapist” column. Explore articles by topic or type.


Mental health symptoms can be easy to miss because they vary from person to person. If you aren’t feeling like yourself, try taking one of these screenings to identify possible depression, social anxiety, or other treatable condition.

Video Series: Therapist Tips

Enjoy these engaging and applicable 5-minute videos. Learn coping skills, how to listen to your body, how to regain a sense of control, or thought balancing techniques.


Is the GatorCare Talkspace benefit unlimited?

GatorCare members do not have session limits. However, Talkspace is only able to load 30 sessions at a time, so when your provider tells you that you are getting low on credits or have run out of credits, contact to have your session limit refreshed at no cost to you.