Health Insurance Overview

Are you enrolled in the GatorGradCare health insurance plan? You may be eligible if you are a Graduate Assistant, Teaching Assistant, or Research Assistant at UF. Find out if you are eligible and learn more about your health plan benefits below.


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Plan Essentials

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View this quick overview of the GatorGradCare plan to learn more about the included coverage tiers, pharmacy benefits, dental benefits, commonly used terms, and more.

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For help navigating the enrollment process, accessibly through the myUFL enrollment portal, visit the link below.

Get to Know Your Benefits

Your GatorGradCare plan provides coverage for medical, dental, pharmacy, and mental health services. Have questions? Click here to contact us for help. For more detailed information regarding your plan benefits, click the links below:

2024 Benefit Resources

Additional Benefit Resources

Dental Benefits

Dental benefit services are offered through UF Health & UF’s College of Dentistry. Review coverage and benefits in the document below.

Mental Health Services

As a GatorGradCare member, you have access to free online counseling and psychiatry services. Meet with a licensed counselor or psychiatrist from the comfort of your own home, at no cost to you.

Where to Find Care

Use the following links to help you find the right provider for any situation. This will ensure the quickest and most cost-effective care for you.

Emergency Care

This document breaks down the emergency care options for members of GatorGradCare. Emergency care should only be used in the case of a real emergency.

Well For You

GatorCare is dedicated to bringing wellness opportunities to its members. Through your plan with GatorGradCare, please visit the links below to learn more about what wellness can do for you.

Wellness Resources

GatorCare offers free wellness programming throughout the year to keep your spirit, mind, and body healthy. Try a walking challenge, nutrition counseling, finance course, and more.

Wellness Guide

If you have additional questions about benefits and wellness resources made available to you, review this document for more information.

Who to Contact?

Have questions?

  1. Click here to find out whether to contact Human Resources or Florida Blue.
  2. Or contact your dedicated Florida Blue Service Representative directly (See below).

Contact your dedicated Florida Blue representative

To contact your dedicated representative at Florida Blue, please choose one of the following, based on location of your employment:


As a result of the Affordable Care Act, GatorCare is required to provide employees with an easy-to-understand Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) statement that describes the plan’s coverage. All insurance companies must use the same format allowing members to compare plan options. Please note that the examples on page 8 for medical and page 12 for pharmacy, do not reflect actual GatorCare co-pays and deductibles, rather they are general examples required by the federal government. To get your GatorCare medical specific cost of services, call (800) 664-5295; for Magellan Pharmacy Benefits, call (800) 651-8921.