GatorCare Gift Voucher

This year the GatorCare gift voucher can be used at RecSports for a wellness bundle (bundle includes one 30-minute massage, one 30-minute personal training demo and one 60-minute nutrition initial session) OR at the UF Health Fitness and Wellness Center for a personal training session, membership initiation fee, or a one month (12 visit) Medical Fitness Membership. Learn more about each option below.

Once you have purchased your gift voucher, it can be redeemed using the link below. All gift vouchers must be redeemed and used by June 30, 2020.

Your Option at RecSports

Wellness Bundle ($100 GatorCare gift voucher)

The Wellness Bundle** includes each of the three services listed below:

One 30 Minute Massage.

One 30 Minute Personal Training Demo.

One 60 Minute Nutrition Coaching (RD) Initial Session.

**Services are by appointment and subject to the availability of staff.

Your Options at UF Health Fitness and Wellness Center

Personal training session ($25 GatorCare gift voucher/hour)

Each 1 hour session will be with a Personal Trainer of your choice, subject to availability.

Initiation fee for new members of UF Health Fitness and Wellness Center ($50 GatorCare gift voucher)

This offering will cover the initiation fee of a membership.

1 Month/12 visit Medical Fitness membership ($75 GatorCare gift voucher)

This program is a supervised exercise program whereby each member will receive appropriate exercise instruction according to ability level.   Each additional visit can be scheduled online by the individual member and instruction will be provided on how to do this. This membership is good for 1 month or 12 sessions, whichever comes first.

Once you have purchased your GatorCare gift voucher via the Better You Strides portal, complete the following form to redeem your voucher. Once the form is submitted, you will be contacted by RecSports or the UF Health Fitness and Wellness Center to schedule your services.

Redeem Now!

Please have the serial number of your GatorCare gift voucher available (this was sent in a confirmation email when you purchased the voucher), along with your GatorCare member ID card. 

Questions? Contact GatorCare at (352) 733-9200 or