Self-Guided Mental Health Apps

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While using a mental health app is no substitute for therapy with a licensed provider, it may help to round out your mental health care as an individual or as a couple. Check out one of the apps below, or find one of your own that best meets your needs. These apps can help you develop new habits, connect with a romantic partner, conquer negative thoughts, and more.

Please note: The following products are not intended to serve as a substitute for treatment with a licensed provider. You should always consult with a qualified physician or mental health professional about your specific circumstances. In case of crisis or emergency, please utilize your nearest crisis service.

The following apps can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or from the Google Play Store.

Apps for Couples

Lasting for Couples

Developer description: “Lasting makes couples counseling simple. Build a healthier, happier relationship in a few minutes a day with the #1 marriage counseling app.”


  • Pair with your partner
  • Evaluate your relationship health and discover areas for you and your partner to grow in together
  • Complete evidence-based, guided activities with your partner to improve your communication and relationship skills
  • Attend live workshops on topics like: communication, conflict, emotional connection, sexual desire, trust, money, and more.

Cost: Check company website/app store for current subscription rates.


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Developer description: “Love more. Stress less. Paired is your guide to improve communication, stay connected, and deepen intimacy as a couple.”


  • Pair with your partner to connect and engage
  • Answer quizzes and daily questions to spark conversation and learn more about yourself, your partner, and your relationship
  • Delve into topics such as sex & intimacy, money & finances, conflict, leisure, communication, and more.

Cost: Check company website/app store for current subscription rates.

Apps for Individuals

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Lasting for Individuals

Developer description: “Build a healthier, happier you. Lasting is a self-guided therapy app that helps you become more confident in yourself, more emotionally intelligent with others, and more able to combat daily stress and anxiety.

You’ll gain tools to heal from past emotional wounds and better manage stress, anxiety, depression, and relationship issues. You’ll also build new skills to regulate your emotions, set boundaries, and express your needs.”


  • Complete evidence-based, guided activities to help you navigate body image, burnout, relationships, depression, anxiety and more.
  • Attend live workshops on topics like: cultivating healthy friendships, coping with anxiety, addressing burnout, and setting healthy boundaries.
  • Complete regular check-ins to monitor your progress

Cost: Check company website/app store for current subscription rates.


happify logo

Developer description: “Happify’s science-based activities and games can help you overcome negative thoughts, stress, and life’s challenges. Our techniques are developed by leading scientists and experts who’ve been studying evidence-based interventions in the fields of positive psychology, mindfulness, and cognitive behavioral therapy for decades.”


  • Evidence-based activities to help you focus on personal growth, mindfulness, relationships and family, work and money, and more
  • Forums for connecting with other growth-focused individuals
  • Articles, infographics, and information to help you grow

Cost: Free with in-app purchases.


woebot logo

Developer description: “Meet Woebot! Your coach for life’s ups and downs. Woebot helps users with everyday stress and anxiety, as well as symptoms of depression, relationship problems, procrastination, loneliness, grief, addiction, pain management, and more.

 In just a few minutes a day, Woebot can help you manage stress and think through situations in a new way. There’s no need to struggle alone, Woebot is there for you 24/7.”

Cost: No cost at time of publishing.

The apps listed on this page are not created, maintained, endorsed by, or in any way affiliated with GatorCare, UF Health or the University of Florida. This list of apps is not provided as a substitute for professional counseling services, but in an effort to provide some additional information for GatorCare members.