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It pays to stay in the GatorCare Network.

Using doctors, hospitals, and other providers in the GatorCare Tier 1 Network will give you a higher level of benefit coverage.

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Who are the doctors and providers in my network?

To find out if a doctor or provider participates in GatorCare, click your area’s corresponding directory below:

All providers that participate in Florida Blue’s Network Blue are in the Tier 2 network. A list of Tier 2 providers can be found on the Florida Blue website. When searching in the Florida Blue online provider directory, please use “BlueOptions” to find providers that qualify for Tier 2 coverage under the GatorCare health plan.

  • Individualized and comprehensive care
  • Chronic disease management
  • Routine health check ups
  • A place to go for sick visits, which can allow for quicker appointments and less expensive care (versus going to urgent care or the ER)
  • Someone who is familiar with you and your health needs

Gator Advantage


University of Florida and UF Health Shands employees and family members can get expedited appointments at:

UF Physicians practices
-UF Health Shands outpatient facilities
-UF College of Dentistry Faculty Practice
Simply say, “I am a GatorAdvantage member” when you call to make an appointment.

Concerns? Call the GatorAdvantage help line at:
(352) 265-UFMD
or (352) 265-8363


GatorCare members, including spouses and dependents, may skip the wait time when calling for an appointment or may be seen by a provider sooner when using the GatorAdvantage Appointment Line for the following locations:

UF Jacksonville Physicians practices
UF Health Jacksonville outpatient facilities

Don’t have a Primary Care Physician? GatorAdvantage agents can help you find a primary care provider near your preferred location or someone that meets your specific needs.
Schedule an appointment today!
(904) 383-1GTR or (904) 383-1487


Visit the FAQ page for commonly asked questions about the network, coverage and providers.