Diabetes Supplies

Frequently Asked Questions


What do I need to do to get these supplies at no cost?

You will need to complete the online module through myTraining and the enrollment form. Then have your provider send over a prescription to the UF Health Pharmacy – Medical Plaza. You will then call the pharmacy at 352.265.8270 to indicate whether you will pick up your prescription or have it mailed to you. Verify that the pharmacy has the correct mailing address on file. You will need to call the pharmacy every 90 days to refill your prescription.

How do I know I am enrolled in the program?

When you have competed the enrollment form, you should see the picture below confirming that your response was recorded. If you did not get this message, your response may not have been recorded.

True Metrix Qualtrics Confirmation Page

Which supplies are included?

True Metrix glucometer, test strips, and lancets.


What is myTraining? How do I register? Where do I go if I need technical support?

myTraining is an online education platform used by UF and UF Health to deliver education to employees. If you are a UF or UF Health employee or student or have a GatorLink account, log in with your work or GatorLink credentials. If you are not, you will need to create an account. When registering, you will be prompted to create a GatorLink account to finalize registration. For instructions on creating an account, click here.

Note: You will need to wait for a confirmation email titled “myTraining Enrollment Successful” before you can log on to the myTraining website and complete the module. This email should take about five minutes after you complete the entire registration process.

If you need technical support creating an account, you can contact the UF Health Technical Support Center at 352.265.0526 or myTraining@health.ufl.edu.


Where do I find the module I need to complete on myTraining?

You can find the module at this link or by searching True Metrix in the myTraining search bar.


Do I have to complete the form at the end of the online module?

Yes. This form is required to be eligible. This gives us the information needed to confirm that you have completed the module and can receive the True Metrix supplies at no cost. However, the voluntary consent form to release your BMI and A1C to GatorCare is optional.


Where can I find my “member ID number”?

Use your Florida Blue card to find your Member ID number. You will notice your Member Number starts with “UFSH”. Refer to the photo for assistance.

FLB card

What is the voluntary consent form for? Why does GatorCare want my information?

The voluntary consent form is an optional part of the program. When you fill out this form, you are giving consent for GatorCare to collect your BMI and A1C from your electronic medical record. This information will help us evaluate the success of this pilot program and continue offering this special benefit after 2020.  This is the only information collected and will not be used for any purpose beyond the evaluation of this program. Your information is kept strictly confidential.


Who is eligible for this program?

Any GatorCare member, regardless of location, who has a diagnosis of either Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, uses test strips, and has completed the online educational module is eligible to participate in this program.


I don’t live in Gainesville, am I still able to participate?

Of course! Any GatorCare member that meets the eligibility requirements can participate regardless of location. Just be sure to call the pharmacy to let them know you would like your prescription to be mailed and verify the address.


My child is covered under my GatorCare plan, is she/he eligible?

Yes, your child is eligible for the True Metrix program if she/he is using a traditional meter for testing. Have the child view the educational modules with the parent, who will need to complete the modules on the child’s behalf.


If I completed the program in 2019 do I still need to do the online module?

Yes. If you completed the True Metrix program with GatorCare in 2019, you will still need to complete this new module. The format of this program has changed while essentially the outcome is the same. Instead of using Emmi to complete four online education modules, you will use myTraining to complete just one online module. We have created our own education module to condense the material and tailor it to the True Metrix glucometer.

If you try to refill your True Metrix prescription in 2020 and have yet to complete the new module, you will be unable to fill the prescription. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time before you need your next refill to complete the module so you do not have a gap in coverage of testing supplies.


Which meter should my physician write a prescription for?

The True Metrix Meter.


What pharmacy does my prescription have to be sent to?

The UF Health Pharmacy – Medical Plaza in Gainesville, 352.265.8270.


My doctor has sent the prescription but I have not received my True Metrix meter or supplies yet. What should I do?

If you have not received your supplies yet and your doctor has sent the prescription, check to make the prescription was sent to the correct pharmacy by calling 352.265.8270. If your prescription was not sent to UF Health Pharmacy – Medical Plaza, you will need to contact your doctor to have it changed. If the pharmacy tells you that you are not eligible, ensure that you completed the online module and enrollment form at the end of the module. You should receive an email confirming you have completed this form.


I called the pharmacy and they say I’m not eligible. What do I do next?

The eligibility file is updated every Monday; check back with the pharmacy after the following Monday. In the meantime, ensure you have completed the online module through myTraining and the enrollment form. You should have received a confirmation email after finishing the form indicating the next steps to get your supplies. Check your spam folder if you did not receive the email. If you still have questions regarding this, please contact GatorCare@shands.ufl.edu.


Do I have to pick up the supplies?

No. You have to option to have the supplies mailed to you.


How do I get my supplies mailed?

Call the UF Health Medical Plaza pharmacy at 352.265.8270 to give them your address.


How do I get refills of the True Metrix testing supplies?

To obtain a refill, simply call the pharmacy at 352.265.8270 and let them know you need a refill. Be sure to do this before you run out of supplies to account for shipping or delays in filling the prescription. If you opted to have your prescription mailed to you, you will still need to call the pharmacy for a refill.

Do I have to discontinue my current strips?

No, you may continue to use your current meter and strips through your pharmacy benefit. If you currently have strips, we encourage you to use those before ordering the free True Metrix meter and supplies.


Are the True Metrix strips compatible with my glucometer?

Most likely the True Metrix strips will not fit your glucometer unless it is a True Metrix meter. Most brands of strips will only work with the glucometer brand it was designed for.


How do I get the control solution? Do I need it for my meter to work?

The control solution can be purchased separately and is not included in the prescription. You can order the control solution through the manufacturer, Trividia Health, by calling 1.800.803.6025 Monday through Friday 8am-8pm. You may also do a quick search in a search engine to order the solution as well as long as it is a True Metrix brand.

The control solution is not needed for your meter to work, however it is strongly recommended that you use it when you open a new bottle of test strips or change the batteries in the meter. For more information about the control solution, check out this FAQ by Trividia Health.


I am having issues using my True Metrix glucometer, how can I get help?

If you are having issues with your meter, refer to your owners manual that was supplied with the meter or view the online version here. If you require assistance, you can reach the manufacturer, Trividia Health, Monday through Friday 8am-8pm by calling 1.800.803.6025.


Questions? Please email gatorcare@shands.ufl.edu.