EEOC Wellness Notice

GatorCare believes that good health is the foundation for success in the workplace and at home.  We work collaboratively with UF and UF Health employers to create a workplace culture of health, to boost individual engagement and organizational performance.

Small changes in our daily lifestyles to reduce stress, to increase exercise and to eat a more nutritious diet can result in better health outcomes and an overall sense of well-being for employees and their families.  That’s why we promote worksite programs that offer a wide variety of services and activities to engage employees in making healthier choices, including screening to identify health risks, lifestyle management to reduce risks through encouraging healthier behavior, and disease management to support people who already have chronic conditions.

Please take a moment to read the document below that pertains to you. These documents contain important information regarding the voluntary nature of the programs, the program components, financial incentives and protections from disclosure of medical information and other important information.