Diabetes Resources

Diabetes Education

UF Health Diabetes Education

Receive Diabetes Self-Management Training (DSMT) or Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) with the UF Health Diabetes Education and Nutrition program. Engage in individualized nutrition and diabetes education appointments, followed by small group classes for continued support. Ask your doctor for a referral.

Nutrition Education

American Diabetes Association

Participate in the American Diabetes Association’s Living with Type 2 Diabetes Program and receive six free e-booklets about living healthy with diabetes. Additionally, attend their Ask the Experts webinar series for education from experts regarding topics such as taking care of your feet, preventing and treating common eye complications, meal prep, and health insurance planning.

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Living With Diabetes – CDC

The CDC provides excellent information regarding living with diabetes, including videos, podcasts, and toolkits on eating well, managing your blood sugar, preventing complications, and promoting your emotional wellbeing.

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Diabetes Food Hub

Explore heart-healthy recipes for superfood smoothies, meat lover’s breakfast cups, chocolate walnut mug cake, and more. Categories include meals for one or two, easy pantry recipes, snacks, and Mediterranean meals. Plan meals and create a grocery list.

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Additional Resources

Diabetes Research

Participate in a research study on managing diabetes complications, slowing disease progression, or optimizing treatment in early stages. Studies are for individuals with type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, and relatives of individuals with diabetes. Sign up for the UF Diabetes Institute Contact Registry to be eligible to participate.

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Free Type 1 Diabetes Screening

TrialNet Pathway to Prevention offers free type 1 diabetes screening to family members of individuals with type 1 diabetes meeting participation criteria. Pre-screening can identify early stages of type 1 diabetes up to 10 years before any symptoms appear, allowing for early intervention. Screening involves a simple and free blood test.

diabetes testing

UF Diabetes Institute

Learn about diabetes nutrition, upcoming research studies and webinars, support groups, and more. Explore the resources page and sign up for the Diabetes Institute newsletter.

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