Diabetes Test Strip Program FAQs

GatorCare Free Contour® Test Strips Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Program Eligibility

Who is eligible to participate in this program?

GatorCare members,* including covered spouses and dependents, who have a diagnosis of either type 1, type 2, or gestational diabetes, and have a prescription from their doctor for test strips may qualify for this program. However, GatorCare members that have an HSA plan are NOT eligible to receive free test strips due to IRS HSA First Dollar Coverage Requirements .

*Excludes HSA plan members

How do I know if I am enrolled in an HSA plan?

View your Insurance ID card to see your plan name which is located under the group number. This will indicate which plan you are currently enrolled in. Our HSA plan is called Healthy Rewards HSA. If you have any questions about your plan or benefits, please email GatorCareCSR@bcbsfl.com.

My child is under the age of 18 with a diagnosis of diabetes and covered under my GatorCare plan. Are they eligible?

Yes, your child is eligible for the test strip program if they are using a traditional meter for testing. A parent or guardian will need to complete the enrollment form on the child’s behalf. IMPORTANT: Please input the child’s name and date of birth on the enrollment form but the parent or guardian’s phone and email address. The member number, located on your insurance ID card will be the same for both the child and adult. This will ensure that the child will be the one who is authorized to receive the test strips at no cost with the prescription from the provider through the pharmacy benefit.

If I watched the webinar last year and received free test strips, do I still need to enroll and get approved?

Yes. If you watched last year’s webinar and received free test strips at any point during 2021 through GatorCare’s free test strip program, you still need to re-enroll. We need to have you update your contact information, verify you are still an active GatorCare member, agree and acknowledge the program terms, and verify you are still using the test strips. 

Current members enrolled in the 2021 program will no longer be able to pick up Contour® brand test strips after December 31, 2021 until they re-enroll in the new program. Please note: After enrolling, there will be a program approval waiting period that may take up to 7 business days. You will receive an email notifying when you will be able to fill your prescription at no cost. We encourage you to enroll now so there is no delay when you need a refill

Which supplies am I eligible for as a part of this program?

Contour® Blood Glucose Test Strips or Contour® Next Blood Glucose Test Strips. At this time, we are not offering lancets or glucose meters at no cost when enrolling in this program.

If you are looking to get a free Contour® Next meter, you can call 1.800.401.8440 and mention the code CTR-OPX to receive either a Contour® Next One or Contour® Next EZ glucose meter.

Program Details & Enrollment

What do I need to do to receive my test strips at no cost?

  1. Complete the enrollment form and pre-survey, confirming that you have read the program instructions.
  2. Wait up to 7 business days to receive a ‘Welcome’ email letting you know you have been approved for the program.
  3. The ‘Welcome’ email/approval is your signal to begin filling your test strip prescription at no cost for the 2022 benefit year.

How will the program work?

After completing the enrollment form and receiving notification that you have been approved for the program via the ‘Welcome’ email, you will receive bimonthly emails with diabetes-related content and quizzes throughout the duration of the benefit year. For every bimonthly quiz you complete, your name will be entered into a random drawing to win one of four $25 Amazon gift cards

Each educational email will feature a different topic such as nutrition, glucose monitoring, medication, goal setting and more. Plus, GatorCare member perks, healthy diabetes-friendly recipes, health and wellness resources, recorded webinars, and other fun surprises may be included! You will not want to miss out.

**IMPORTANT**: Unsubscribing from the Diabetes email communication will be considered as disenrolling from GatorCare’s No Cost Diabetes Test Strip Program. This means you will begin paying your cost share of the test strips with the next refill of the Contour® brand test strips. 

Do I really need to fill out all the fields on the enrollment form?

Any field that is marked as required must be filled out to enroll in the program. Please ensure the information you enter is accurate, as it will be used to verify your insurance and for you to get your test strip prescription filled at no cost. All your information is kept confidential and secure.

Image of a Florida Blue/GatorCare Member ID Card. Under the name, the member number "UFSH0090021" is listed and the portion "H0090021" is highlighted.

Why did the enrollment form end after I selected I was enrolled in GatorCare’s Healthy Rewards HSA plan?

The enrollment form stopped because GatorCare members enrolled in an HSA plan are not eligible to receive test strips at no cost due to IRS HSA First Dollar Coverage Requirements. You are not eligible for this program at this time. Please speak with your employer/HR Benefits Department if you have any questions or concerns.

Where can I find my “member ID number”?

Use your Florida Blue card to find your Member ID number. You will notice your Member Number starts with “UFSH”. Refer to the photo for Use your Florida Blue card to find your Member Number. You will notice your Member Number starts with “UFSH”.  The form asks for you to omit the first three letters, and begin with “H” followed by the 8-digit number. Refer to the photo for assistance.

How do I know I am enrolled in the program?

IMPORTANT: You will receive a ‘Welcome’ email at the email address provided on the enrollment application within 7 business days notifying you when you are eligible to begin filling your prescription at no cost for Contour® test strips. You must receive this email prior to filling your test strips or you may be responsible for paying your member costs for the test strips.

Can I unsubscribe from the bimonthly emails and still get the test strips for free? 

No. This is considered as disenrolling in the program. If you unsubscribe from the email campaign, you will begin to be responsible for your member cost share of the Contour® brand test strips again. This may include the pharmacy brand deductible if you have not already met this for the year. We cannot negotiate fees or adjust any claims if you stop and start again.

Prescription, Pharmacy, & Glucometer Help

When can I get my test strip prescription filled?

*IMPORTANT: Before filling your prescription, please ensure that you have received your ‘Welcome’ email that clearly states you are able to fill your test strip prescription for free.

It may take up to 7 business days from the time you have submitted your enrollment application until you are able to fill your prescription for test strips at a $0 member cost share. You will be able to fill your prescription for free when you receive a ‘Welcome’ email from GatorCare to the email you input on the enrollment application. If you have any issues, please email us at GatorCareClinical@shands.ufl.edu.

*Please Note: Holidays and weekends may delay the enrollment period. Please take this into account if your enrollment period falls near a holiday or weekend.

Which test strips should my physician write a prescription for?

Contour® or Contour® Next test strips. If you are unsure which test strips are compatible with your meter, ask your doctor or check out this compatibility guide.

If you received the free meter using the code GatorCare provided by calling the manufacturer, you mostly likely have a Contour® Next meter which is compatible with Contour® Next test strips.

Are the Contour® test strips compatible with my glucometer?

Contour® test strips are only compatible with Contour® meters. There are also different types of Contour® test strips. Before you fill your prescription, be sure the test strips your doctor has written you a prescription for are compatible with your meter. You can check out this compatibility guide to help determine which Contour® test strips go with which meter.

For example, if you received either the Contour® Next ONE or Contour® Next EZ Blood Glucose Meter from Magellan, your meter is compatible with only the Contour® Next Blood Glucose Test Strips.

What pharmacy do I need to get my prescription filled at?

You can use any retail pharmacy within Magellan’s network to get your prescription filled. To find an in-network pharmacy visit the Magellan Rx Management website or call customer service at 800.651.8921 You will fill this prescription like any other prescription and have the freedom to fill at whichever pharmacy you normally fill your prescriptions at. We highly encourage members to fill at a UF Health Pharmacy when possible, and GatorCare members can receive a discount at UF Health pharmacies on other drugs as well. 

Why is the pharmacy still telling me I have to pay even though I have completed the enrollment form?

You may be filling your prescription before we have completed your enrollment into the program. Program enrollment may take up to 7 business days from the time you submit your enrollment form. Please check that you have received your ‘Welcome’ email from GatorCare stating you were approved and ready to begin filling your Contour® brand test strip prescription at no cost.

If it has been longer than 7 business days since the date that you completed the enrollment form and you are still not able to fill your prescription for free, please contact us at GatorCareClinical@shands.ufl.edu.

My pharmacy is telling me that Contour® test strips are not a covered product under GatorCare. What should I do?

Please have your pharmacy contact the dedicated GatorCare phone line at Magellan by calling 800.651.8921. They will be able to handle urgent pharmacy claim issues or answer any pharmacy benefit questions related to GatorCare.

I am having issues using my Contour® glucometer, how can I get help?

If you are having issues with your device, we recommend having a backup device to check your blood glucose levels until you are able to adequately resolve the problems with your Contour® meter.

For issues with your Contour® meter, you can visit the Contour® website and their FAQ section. You may also reach out to the manufacturer, Ascensia Diabetes Care, for 24/7 customer support at 1.800.348.8100.