Gaitors Run Couch to 5K

March 13-April 29

Gaitors Run C25K

Fill up your water, lace up your sneakers, and jump off the couch… it’s Couch to 5K time! Gaitors Run is a 6-week guided challenge that prepares you to walk/run a 5K at the end of April. On your marks!… Get set!… Gaitors Run! Sign up below!

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What to Expect

This program starts on March 13 and will ‘run’ (pun intended!) through April 29. Throughout the program, you can expect to receive 1-2 emails a week that will include the workouts for the week as well as additional tips and resources to help keep you healthy. You’ll receive your first email on March 13. You have the option to follow along with the app “Runkeeper” to help keep track of your workouts, or you can simply follow the workouts and recordings provided in the weekly emails. 

You are encouraged to start where you are and not push yourself to the point of injury.

Who Can Participate?

This program is designed for UF or UF Health Shands employees of ANY fitness level! If you’ve never walked or ran a 5K, this program is for you! If you want motivation to start up your jogging routine again, this program is for you! C25K is designed to meet you where you are.

How to Prep for Couch to 5K

Have you already registered for Couch to 5K and are looking to get a head start on training? Explore the resources below to learn important information on proper footwear, stretching, and hydration.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

The health and performance of runners depend on maintaining hydration. Our body temperature is regulated by water, and it also flushes out waste, aids in supplying energy to our cells, and cushions our joints. Hydration is important for maximizing performance, minimizing cramping and damage, and improving recovery.

Start Stretching

Before jogging or engaging in any exercise, it’s crucial to stretch in some way to prevent injuries and enhance your workout. However, a variety of exercises fall under the umbrella term “stretching.” Your pre-run warmup should ideally contain a dynamic exercise that mimics the movements of your workout.

Get Proper Running Shoes

Each part of the running shoe has a specific purpose and is designed to fit the foot a certain way. Even the slightest differentiation may affect your experience.


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