Better You Strides Activities

Better You Strides is a wellness platform provided by Florida Blue that all GatorCare members have access to. Eligibility varies by employer group. See if your employer is participating on the Wellness Incentive Programs page.

UF Health Shands Gainesville

Below are eligible activities to self-report for points on the Better You Strides portal. For instructions to access your portal, please visit the Wellness Incentive Programs page. Please note, these activities are specific to the UF Health Shands Gainesville program.

Gratitude, Giving Back, and Creating a Culture of Wellness

Unhealthy workplaces have been shown to increase stress, anxiety, unproductivity, and social withdrawal. By bringing back civility, and creating an office culture of positivity, together we can bring back a sense of community to the workplace. Activities such as signing up for our three-week, text message based program “Good Vibrations” (set to start Summer 2022), creating a Random Act of Kindness binder, or leaving a few kind words on our Thank A HealthCare Worker page are self-reportable for points. For more information on gratitude and civility in the workplace, visit Be Kind, Unwind. You may also see all of the upcoming planned events by viewing our Monthly Calendar.

Create a Well Workspace

Promote well workspace by leading a “well” example like tidying up your desk or workspace, submitting an Ergonomic Evaluation, participating in a self-paced challenge, or becoming a Wellness Partner or Nurse Wellness Resource Partner.

Complete a Preventative Screening

Complete a preventive screening (colonoscopy, mammogram, pap smear, prostate). Report the date you completed this activity.

GatorCare Challenges or Programs

By signing up to receive the weekly Wellness Newsletter, you can stay up to date with the challenges and programs that are currently offered by GatorCare.

You can also access the GatorCare Monthly Calendar in order to see everything that is scheduled.

Attend or View a Financial Wellness Presentation

Financial wellness presentations are available year-round on a variety of topics including managing debt, social security, Medicare, and more. Go to MyTraining on the Bridge for class schedules and online webinars/video opportunities. Report the date you completed this activity.

Attend or View a Wellness Presentation or Live Wellness/Fitness Class

The GatorCare team creates and presents live wellness webinars throughout the year. To stay up to date on what is coming, subscribe to our Wellness Newsletter.

Join the GatorCare Wellness Team Tuesday – Thursday at 12 p.m. for 15-minute live-streamed classes focusing on strength, cardio, meditation, or stretching. Attend a Zoom class by registering for a class here.

How to self-report points on Better You Strides

  • Login to your Better You Strides portal. For instructions on how to access your portal please go to the Wellness Incentive Programs page.
  • Navigate to the “Allowable Activities” page on your portal. From a desktop, you will see this in the far right corner of the top gray bar.
  • Find the activity you want to self-report for points.
  • On the right side of the activity you wish to report, select the “Self-Report Here” button.
  • You will be directed to a new page that asks you to select the date in which the activity was completed as well as attesting that to the best of your knowledge, the information provided is correct.
  • Click the “Submit” button.

For questions about Better You Strides, please email