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Weight Management

Fad diets and nutrition misinformation abound. However, GatorCare wants to help you make evidence-based lifestyle changes to reach your wellness goals. View our fitness and nutrition webinars, participate in a wellness challenge, or sign up for a WW membership at only half the cost!

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Food, activity, sleep, mindset—it all matters when it comes to weight loss. Power your success with our new personal assessment and behavior change science to help you build healthy habits that go beyond the plate.

GatorCare Members receive an exclusive discount of over 50% off the retail price and can join now for as low as $10.00 per month.

What you’ll receive:

  • Meal planning tools plus a food tracker with access to over 9,000 recipes
  • Personalize eating plan
  • On-demand workouts and meditations
  • 24/7 coaching
  • Sleep tracking and bedtime reminders
  • Members-only online community
  • Exclusive virtual workshops

Sign Up Now!

You can learn more about the WW program and get started at WW.com/us/GatorCare. Use your Florida Blue insurance card to find your Member ID. For additional questions, view the Frequently Asked Questions for more information or contact us at GatorCareWellness@shands.ufl.edu. Please note that eligibility may take up to one month.

Exclusive Virtual Workshops for GatorCare Members

WW’s Workshops have helped millions of members build healthy habits for real life, and we’re excited to announce that GatorCare members now have access to exclusive Virtual Workshops through our WW partnership.These virtual workshops take place every Tuesday at 12:00 p.m. with WW Coach, Carol Anne.

Email Kathleen.Skirvin@ww.com to attend. Please note that you must have a Workshops + Digital subscription in order to participate.

Success Stories

What inspired your WW success? Share your story

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Tina B., Managed Care Account Manager and WW Member

“I’m so thankful to UF Health for supporting employees with the opportunity to access WW at a discounted rate.” Tina lost 35 pounds!*

*People following the WW plan can expect to lose 1-2 pounds her week.