Pressed for time? Sign your office up for one of our 10-15 minute mini-workshops covering a wide range of wellness topics. One of our wellness team members will facilitate the session. Email us at to register.

Boost: Transform Your Energy

Energy is a precious resource. When you don’t take time to rest and renew at work, you deplete your energy reserves, leaving you with little to no energy to devote to the things outside work that matter most. Learn how to take a more effective break and better manage your energy.

work station with laptop, croissants, hot cocoa, and a journal

Digital Detox

Feeling like you need to change your relationship to technology, but aren’t sure where to start? This mini wellness workshop will give you the tips you need to put the phone down.

various cell phones and electronic cables with wooden tiles spelling out digital detox

Eating on a Budget

Do you ever come home after grocery shopping and wonder how you spent so much money? Navigating the grocery store can feel overwhelming, especially when you’re trying to stick to a budget. Join GatorCare to learn how to make your dollar go further. We’ll give you tips to use at the store and at home that will keep you and your wallet feeling good!


Your job is mentally, emotionally, and physically demanding. Learn exercises to strengthen muscles that are often neglected and stretch muscles that are often overworked. Presentations can be catered to lower body and core, and upper body and cardio.

Exercise That Works for You

Frequent and proper exercise can help boost your energy, improve your health, increase your self-esteem, decrease your risk of chronic illnesses, and help you feel better overall. Join us in learning about new ways to make your exercise routine fun and effective, as well as resources that are available to spice up your routine!

Getting SMART About Your Goals

Whether it’s eating healthier, exercising regularly, stressing less, or any other improvement for ourselves, many of us want to take steps to improve our health. Often times we don’t know where to start, or life happens and we have a setback on our goals. In this workshop, learn how to create and achieve SMART goals successfully.

photo of a chalkboard and someone writing on it. chalkboard says goal setting, specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, timely. the S, M, A, R, and T are on different colored sticky notes.

Mastering Meditation

Have you heard of all the great things that meditation can do, but just aren’t sure where to start? Learn everything about meditation: the history, the kinds of meditation, and the tips & tricks you need to perfect the practice.

two people seated meditating with hands folded and eyes closed

Meal Prep

Do you have a love-hate relationship with food? Making a few changes to your eating habits can change your perspective on food and shift the power back to you. Meal prep is a great place to start.

meal planner

Mindful Eating

Dump your old habits and fall in love with food again! Mindful eating has benefits that encompass many dimensions of our lives, but is mainly focused on creating a better relationship with food. Join us to learn how you can experience food more passionately.

screen full of vegetables

The Purpose of Purpose

Did you know that defining and connecting to your purpose on a daily basis can improve your health, your work and your happiness? This workshop will explain the science behind purpose, help you craft your own purpose, and provide tangible ways to live ‘on purpose’ every day.

man holding a sign that says "got purpose?" and looking down at it


Busy days got you down? This session is all about stretching out and focusing in on your body. From meditation-based breathing exercises to yoga poses, you’ll certainly feel more relaxed and centered when you return to reality.

man stretching with leg up on wall reaching for toes

Stress Relief in the Moment

Stress is an inevitable part of life. Learn how to use stress to your benefit and gain new strategies to manage your stress in the moment.

woman with hands to temples looking stressed