Florida Blue ID Card Delay

Update: 1/2/2024 – 4:15 PM

Good evening,

We have been informed there is a delay in the release of the Florida Blue ID cards. We expect ID cards to be released sometime between January 4th to January 8th.

This does not impact coverage as anyone who has remained on the plan or elected coverage for 1/1/24 will be loaded in Florida Blue’s system. Anyone already enrolled in the GatorCare plan will continue to use their current ID card and their member number will not change even if they elected a different plan at Open Enrollment.

The delayed ID cards will impact members who are new to the plan.

For members new to the GatorCare plan with inquiries regarding their ID cards, please contact one of our on-site representatives. They will be able to provide members with their member number as well as provide a coverage letter for any members with the pertinent information needed to obtain care.

For Gainesville Members:
Onsite Representative 352-594-3354
For Jacksonville & Central Florida Members:
Onsite Representative 904-244-9130

Thank you for your patience as we resolve this delay!