Upcoming Changes to the GatorCare Pharmacy Formulary

EFFECTIVE 1/1/2024

Our pharmacy provider, Magellan, has recently been acquired by Prime Therapeutics and there will be a suite of changes to the formulary at the beginning of next year. Impacted members have been notified via letter and provided with at least one alternative, where applicable, as provided by MRx/Prime.

In an effort to assist our members, we have acquired the 2024 formulary for your preview below.

To use the formulary, type in any drug to see its coverage. For non-covered drugs (indicated by a red block with NC,) you can click on the Find Alternative Drugs to showcase what is covered in its place.

If you have any questions or concerns after reviewing the updated formulary, please call the dedicated GatorCare number below.

1 (800) 651-8921