March 2022: National Nutrition Month

National Nutrition Month 2022

National Nutrition Month® 2022 focuses on celebrating flavors from around the globe. In this blog, you will: 1) learn about international cuisines and how to make them at home; 2) discover how to enhance the flavors of your dishes by roasting vegetables or using herbs and spices; and 3) explore cooking-related guides, recipes, and resources. Use the grocery lists below to plan your new globally inspired meals!


Add More Color

Include various fruits, vegetables, nuts, and whole grains in your daily meals and snacks. You can still have foods that are healthy and rich in flavor, color, and quality.

Explore these tips on how to add more nutritious foods throughout your day.

fruits and vegetables


Plan Your Meals

Plan and prepare your meals ahead of time! By dedicating time and effort early on, you’ll benefit from delicious, nourishing meals and snacks to help you thrive throughout your week.

Try our self-guided course to become a Meal Planning Expert! You’ll learn how to plan, prep, and shop for healthy meals and snacks.

Meal planning/prep


Cook at Home

Prioritize creating delicious meals at home! Not only will you save money and improve your health and wellness, you will feel confident and empowered. Cooking at home allows you to try new foods and flavors.

Learn how to make yummy dishes from soups and salads to wraps and omelets with these step-by-step guides.

Cooking at home


Ask a Dietitian

Did you know that we have an in-house dietitian? At times, the amount of existing information and advice around nutrition and wellness can feel overwhelming!

Ask one of our registered and licensed dietitians any questions you have about nutrition and health.


Nutrition Presentations

Browse our collection of past Nutrition talks covering topics from Mindful Eating to Nutrition Myth Busting.


How does it grow?

Join Nicole Jolly, host of How Does It Grow?, as she shows you how fruits and vegetables, such as strawberries, garlic, oranges, and asparagus, are grown. Every episode, she travels to a farm, discusses the fruit or vegetable’s history and anatomy, and learns from the farmers how the produce is processed and prepared for distribution (4 – 16 mins).

Being safe in the kitchen involves being familiar with and mastering basic knife skills. Learn about knife safety and use and common techniques, including dicing and mincing, in this Tasty video (7 mins).

Learn how to chop every vegetable from award-winning cookbook author and chef Amy Chaplin. Click here to see the chapters, so you can easily find a specific vegetable you want to cut (43 mins).

Discover how to slice every fruit with Chef Frank Proto from the Institute of Culinary Education. To watch a specific fruit get sliced, view the chapters here (24 mins).


Cooking Basics

Cooking allows you to to express yourself, try new foods from around the globe, and spend time with your loved ones. Learn how to start cooking with this informative and comprehensive guide from the University of Tennessee.

Cooking Basics

Step-by-Step Cooking Lessons

Participating in cooking lessons is a great way to learn about cooking techniques and how to prepare and incorporate various ingredients. Watch Chef John prepare and explain recipes step-by-step on his YouTube channel, Food Wishes.

Online cooking lessons

World Cuisines

Each region and culture has created their own cooking styles, traditions, and dishes using diverse ingredients. Explore world cuisines, such as African and Middle Eastern cuisines, on this food-centered website, Serious Eats.

International food

What’s In Season?

In-season fruits and vegetables are at the peak of their nutrient levels and flavors. Learn which fruits and vegetables are harvested throughout the year based on your location.

Fruits in Basket

Recipes from Around the world

The Spruce Eats

Recipes from all over the world are easily accessible with a quick Google search. Explore the traditional and easy-to-follow recipes provided by The Spruce Eats, a team dedicated to food.

Spice Map


The BBC provides original and easy-to-follow recipes from various international cuisines. Explore Nordic, Pakistani, and Portuguese cuisines among others.

World Food