Let’s Talk Mental Health: Depression

Let's Talk Depression

Depression is a very common mental illness, impacting about 20% of individuals at some point in their lives. Learn the signs and symptoms of depression or how to find a provider in the information below. Take a quick quiz to get a temperature on your mental wellness, or watch this introductory video on depression from Ted Ed.

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Depression is a very common mental illness globally. However, it can be easy to miss because the signs may be subtle. An individual may appear to be “high-functioning,” still performing their necessary tasks at work and at home. However, the individual may be feeling chronic lack of energy, loss of enthusiasm for enjoyable activities, unexplained aches and pains, or other silent symptoms of depression.

Additionally, depression can manifest itself in many forms. While major depressive disorder usually signifies symptoms of a longer duration, seasonal affective disorder can affect an individual primarily during the winter months each year. Additionally, depressive symptoms can ebb and flow, as in the case of cyclothymia, a persistent fluctuation between elevated and depressed mood. Depressive symptoms can spring up for no apparent reason, or they can be linked to a current or prior loss or trauma.

If you or a loved one are feeling anything less than perfect, you deserve to take your symptoms seriously. You do not have to hit rock bottom to seek professional guidance. Speak to your primary care doctor, or find a mental health provider today.

GatorCare members have access to free and confidential online mental health counseling and psychiatry services. Explore your other mental health benefits or find an in-person mental health provider utilizing our Mental Health Services landing page.

If you are not covered by the GatorCare health plan, contact your health insurance provider utilizing the phone number on the back of your insurance card to find a covered provider near you.

If you have additional questions about depression, feel free to explore the resources below, or any you can find on your own.

Next week, we will go into greater depth regarding recognizing the signs and offering assistance to someone who is experiencing suicidal thoughts. Thanks for joining us for Let’s Talk Mental Health!

Mental Health Resources

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Mental Health Care

GatorCare members have access to addiction, counseling, and psychiatry services through their behavioral health benefit. View our network directory to find a provider that works for you.

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GatorCare members ages 18+ may be eligible to receive free online counseling and psychiatry services through Talkspace, and members ages 13+ may be eligible for free counseling services. Communicate with a licensed mental health provider wherever you are, whenever is best for you.

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Crisis Support

If you or a loved one are experiencing a mental health crisis, please seek support. There are crisis phone lines and online chats available to view. Alternatively, contact 911 or visit your nearest emergency room.

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Find a Support Group

The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Gainesville chapter hosts support groups, presentations, and courses for individuals living with mental illness and their families.

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Learn More

Learn more about depression—signs and symptoms, risk factors, and treatment approaches—through the National Institute of Mental Health. Find resources or even join a research study.