March Madness

march madness is back!

Wellness Challenge

Get your brackets ready! This individual challenge will help you work on your wellness while following along with the live NCAA men's basketball tournament. Keep track of the teams who advance after each round and complete activities related to all dimensions of wellness. Good luck!

MM Heading

Before the Challenge

Download your bracket and fill in your predictions through the championship round. Download your 2021 bracket here. Please note: The tournament field and bracket are officially announced on Selection Sunday, which is March 14. Keep your bracket handy!

Then, download the wellness activity list. Save it on your desktop, post it in your workspace, or revisit this webpage to reference it throughout the challenge.

Register for Remind 101 to participate in basketball trivia and flash prize drawings during the challenge. To register, text @ufhmm to 81010.

image of a phone screen with a text saying @ufhmm to the number 81010

During the Challenge

After each round from March 18th through April 5th, keep track of which teams advance and compare it to your individual bracket predictions. If the team you selected to advance in your individual bracket does NOT win, complete the corresponding wellness activity to the losing team’s seed number. See example here.

As you complete your wellness activities, be sure to take pictures of yourself completing activities for a chance at flash prize drawings during the challenge. All flash prize drawing opportunities will be communicated via text through Remind 101 at random, so keep your phone close by. You will know it’s a flash drawing when the text reads “FLASH DRAWING.” Reply to the text with your picture within an hour of the flash drawing text being sent for a chance to enter the drawing! See instructions for registering for Remind 101 above.

Continue using the same March Madness Wellness Activities as the rounds move on toward the championship game.

Good luck!

After the Challenge

Complete the post-survey to receive an individual March Madness Challenge certificate.

Questions? Email GatorCare at