Thoughtful Consumerism: Shopping Sustainably

Starts August 10

Thoughtful Consumerism: Shopping Sustainably

A three week presentation series with actionable steps for individuals that want to make a positive impact on the environment through sustainable shopping practices!


How does this work?

  • Participants will attend a weekly presentation with easy to follow resources on being a more thoughtful and sustainable shopper.
  • After each presentation, participants will determine which sustainable tweaks they’d like to implement in their household.

Week 1

The Power of Purchase

This week, participants will learn about what leading a more sustainable life means, the UNICEF model of sustainability, and how purchasing power affects each part of this model.

Week 2

Labels, Terms, and Symbols

This week, participants will gain skills to weed through marketing claims and be able to differentiate between different labels, terms, and symbols. Participants will learn about different areas of consumption and how to transition these areas in ways that fit their sustainable goals. They will then implement this knowledge in their household by selecting one area of consumption they’d like to transition.

Week 3

Hone That Habit

This week, participants will learn about common problems individuals come across when transitioning to more sustainable purchases and pick their second area of consumption they would like to transition. During the presentation, participants will also have the chance to troubleshoot through their own difficulties and successes and ask any question they might have.

Why should I participate?

You have the power to impact the environment by making sustainable choices as a thoughtful shopper!

What You’ll Learn:

  • Actionable steps to increase empowerment of utilizing your purchasing power
  • The difference between eco-friendly, sustainable, and green
  • What labels and symbols to look for and what they mean


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