Plank & Drank 2020

Challenge Materials

Missed the live planks? View the recordings here!

Group Plank & Week 1 Challenge Plank Forms

Group Plank & Week 2 Challenge Plank Forms

Group Plank & Week 3 Challenge Plank Forms

Group Plank & Week 4 Challenge Plank Forms

Why should I participate?

About 60% of our bodies are made up of water. No wonder we need it!

Drinking enough water:

  • Maintains your body’s fluid balance, which regulates normal functioning like digestion and body temperature
  • Fuels your muscles, lubricates your joints and gives you energy
  • Improves your focus and promotes clearer thinking
  • Makes you feel fuller, which can aid with weight loss
  • The best indicator of your hydration is the color of your urine. View this chart to learn more!

What about planking?

Planking is a static core exercise that has many benefits:

  • Strengthens your core muscles, which leads to better stability and performance of daily activities like sitting, picking up objects, etc.
  • Helps reduce back pain by strengthening your back muscles
  • Improves your mood by releasing “feel good” endorphins- ALL exercises do this!
  • Improves your posture and balance

Proper Form

  • You can plank from your hands or forearms!
  • Maintain hands or elbows directly underneath the shoulders.
  • Never clasp your hands when performing a plank.
  • Keep spine straight and head neutral (eyes forward, not looking up or down).

Leadership Spotlight!

Shout out to our leaders at UF and UF Health who are helping support the Plank & Drank Challenge by showing off their own plank skills!

Dr. Kent Fuchs

President, University of Florida

Dr. Fuchs

Dr. David R. Nelson

Senior Vice President for Health Affairs at the University of Florida and President of UF Health

Dr. nelson

Dr. Joseph A. Tyndall

Interim Dean, College of Medicine

Dr. Tyndall

Ed Jimenez

Chief Executive Officer, UF Health Shands

ed jimenez plank

Duke Lim, Dave Hudson, Irene Alexaitis

Nursing AVPs

Nursing AVPs

Winners Spotlight

2019 Winner: Jodian Blake

2018 Winner: Jill Sutton

2017 Winners: Wetty or Not Here We Come

2016 Winners: Team ReegRat

UF Health Blog

The 2020 Plank & Drank Challenge was featured in the UF Health Blog. Read the full blog post here!