WW Success Story: Christine Humphlett

Christine Humphlett, a Case Manager and UM Specialist at UF Shands Psychiatric Hospital, joined the digital-only WW program because of the GatorCare discount along with the program’s flexibility. Christine first found out about the WW benefit GatorCare offers through a poster in her office building. When asked how WW fits with her lifestyle, Christine said “It’s very easy to log food on my phone. The WW app has so many food options in the database already that there’s no trying to figure out points.”

Before using her WW plan, Christine didn’t think about what she was eating or take an entire day’s food consumption into account. After joining WW last February, she was able to navigate through eating healthy by viewing WW’s point system as a challenge. “If I viewed it as a challenge to stay within my allotted points, it became fun for me.” Christine has used WW at her own pace and has been able to lose 20 pounds since starting WW!

The WW discount is available to all GatorCare members and includes both an online-only option and an in-person + online option. Learn more and sign up today!