Procedures for MagellanRx during COVID-19 Concern

Level 2 State Emergency Activation

“Governor DeSantis declared a State of Emergency today in response to ongoing threats to Florida residents due to COVID 19.  As part of the executive order, the Governor activated Chapter 465.0275, Florida Statutes which allows for pharmacists to dispense up to a 30 day emergency refill of prescriptions.  Under Chapter 252.358, Florida Statutes, insurers are required to waive time restrictions for prescription refills.

Effective 3/10/20, GatorCare will ensure members have adequate medication supplies in case of emergency by removing the “refill too soon” edit on prescription medications.  This authorizes pharmacists to dispense up to a 30-day emergency prescription refill of maintenance medication.

For help with prescriptions, please contact MagellanRx at 1-800-651-8921. For questions about medical services, please call Florida Blue at 1-800-664-5295.”