Get Up and Go Punch Card

Get a Prize for Working Out

Punch Card

Attend a free fitness class, earn a punch, get 3 to receive a prize from GatorCare!

Running stairs

At the beginning of the year, a lot of us feel motivated to increase our physical activity. GatorCare offers several fitness classes, which are a great way to get convenient and free workouts throughout the week. We want to encourage everyone to try all of our different fitness classes! We hope you’ll find at least one that you love.

How Does It Work?

You’ll receive a punch card from the first fitness class you attend. There are four spaces on the punch card: Zumba, Yoga, Stadium classes and a Freestyle spot. You earn a signature from your instructor by attending a class. To fill in the freestyle spot, you just need to participate in some kind of fitness instruction: whether it’s a class at your local gym, a YouTube video, or GatorCare’s new streamed fitness class. Include a photo of you participating in the activity when you submit your punch card.

You only need three out of four spaces filled to redeem your punch card. You can only get one punch for each style of class you attend.

To redeem your punch card, you will email a photo of your card to to receive a prize from GatorCare.

Want to Spread the Word?

Print the flyer and encourage your coworkers to join. Exercise is more fun with friends!


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