Healthy Back to School Series: Slow Cooker

Making healthy lunches and dinners starts with planning how the meal will be made. Some cooking methods are quicker than others and some may take several hours and various pans to create a meal. Using a slow cooker can cut down on the time it takes to prepare a meal as well as frees up your time while the meal is cooking. Additionally, kitchen clean up time is reduced. Certain slow cookers or related devices such as programmable pressure cookers, allow you to saute and brown meats and stir-fry ingredients in the pot itself, so clean up is a breeze! Slow cookers can make a variety of tasty and healthy meals, from sweet to savory.

Whether you’re cooking for one or for a family, slow cookers are great for meal prep or unique meals throughout the week. Not sure where to start? Check out the below recipes to find your next meal.

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