Healthy Back to School Series: Lunch Recipes

Our days may be filled with work, school, studying, taking care of family members and taking care of ourselves. Essentially, we are busy and may have little time to prepare healthy meals every day, but having healthy recipes on hand can help to get a healthy meal on the table, or in the office, rather than ordering out. Incorporating healthier meals into our daily routine can help support job performance, mental acuity, and overall energy. Below are some recipes to inspire healthy lunches for those short on time.


For the office:

20 meal prep lunches including mason jar salads and quinoa bowls

38 Easy lunch meal prep ideas including Caribbean shrimp and lemongrass meatballs

25 lunches for people who hate salads


For kids (and some adults!)

Back to school kid lunch ideas

26 Healthy school lunch ideas from wraps to noodle salads

Variety of lunch ideas with sides

40 Healthy kid lunches

Quick and Easy School lunch ideas to pack for kids from chickpeas and pita to broccoli pesto pasta