Healthy Back to School Series: Dinner Recipes

Evenings can be busy, especially during the school year. Having healthy recipes on hand that can be whipped up in a snap can save time and stress when thinking about what to prepare. Not sure where to start? Think about what you want to cook. What does your family like? What do you want to experiment with and try new? What are the flavors or spices? Focus on selecting vegetables and which protein you’d like to eat. What sides go well with these foods? Answering these questions can help to narrow down your choices and choose a recipe that works for you and your family. Get inspired by the below recipes to provide a home-cooked, healthy and tasty meal for your family or yourself when your time is minimized.

For the chicken, turkey, and beef lovers:

For the pasta lovers:

For the seafood lovers:

For the vegetarian/vegan population:

For the stir-fry fans: