Wellness Partners

Wellness Partners are representatives from departments across UF and UF Health who play a vital role in supporting employee wellness. Partners disseminate information, set up presentations and encourage participation in wellness initiatives. Partners also provide valuable feedback to help the UF & UF Health Wellness Committee build a culture of health.

Interested in Becoming a Wellness Partner?

Partners should have an interest in and dedication to wellness as well as an interest in supporting the health and welfare of their fellow employees. All Wellness Partners must secure supervisory approval to act in this role for their unit or college. The time commitment should not exceed one hour per month. Partners do not have to be enrolled in GatorCare to participate, and initiatives will support all UF and UF Health employees, regardless of their insurance coverage.

Interested employees should secure supervisory approval and submit a completed application to the Wellness Committee Co-Chairs, Morgan Papworth and Yusof Al-Wadei.

Partner Responsibilities

  • Disseminate information to employees about upcoming events (post flyers, send emails, share details one-on-one)
  • Encourage employee participation
  • Answer basic questions about wellness events and resources or refer employees to the wellness website or the Wellness Coordinators
  • Help the UF & UF Health Wellness Committee better understand the cultures across the population (successful modes of communication, employee motivations, common barriers to healthy behaviors)
  • And provide suggestions and feedback from employees to the Wellness Committee

Is your department represented?

Review the list below to see if your department has a Wellness Partner in place.

UF Partners

  • Dustin Stephany | Planning, Design, and Construction
  • Stephanie Glenn | Contracts and Grants
  • Hema Patel | Treasury Management and Bursar
  • Kelsey Walter | Office of Clinical Research
  • Jessica Caicedo | Latin American Studies
  • Janet Westberry | IFAS Facilities
  • Benjamin Markus | IT Project Management Office
  • Robyn Edwards | Physiology and Functional Genomics
  • Katie Snyder | Engineering School of Sustainable Infrastructure & Enviro (ESSIE)
  • Kevin Jackson | Public Health and Health Professions
  • Ariel Pomputius | HSC Library
  • Gabriela Murza | IFAS, Kissimee
  • Esther Oyola | IFAS, Osceloa County
  • Annie Sheldon | IFAS, Clay County
  • Kaitlin Johnson | UF/COP, IT for College of Pharmacy, Lake Nona
  • Kim Doak | UFICO
  • Melissa Johnson | Honors Program
  • Steven Foti | Biostatistics
  • Nick Green | Public Health and Health Professions
  • Michelle Romero | Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Laurel Brown | TREEO at East Campus
  • Brigit Dermott | Diversity Office
  • Mirela Vasconcelos | College of Education
  • James Silvers | Registrar & Enrollment Management
  • Stacey Robinson | Animal Care Services
  • Michelle Sexton | Counseling & Wellness Center
  • Marina Ascunce | Plant Pathology
  • Steve Drury | Museum of Natural History
  • Mackenzie Madore | Interdisciplinary Center for Biotechnology Research (ICBR)
  • Beth Roland | Disability Resource Center

UF Health, College of Medicine, & UF Health Science Center Partners

  • Cathy Zorilo | UF Health, Quality
  • Ttonya Hudson | UF Health, Radiology
  • Jessica Thornton | UF Health, Compliance
  • Todd Reeger | UF Health, IT
  • Danita Gainer | UF Health, Human Resource Development
  • Denise Thomas | UF Health, Psychiatric Hospital
  • Mitch Hall | UF Health, Psychiatric Hospital
  • Mia Holland | UF Health, Inpatient Psychiatry, Unit 52
  • Shayne Padgett | UF Health, Hampton Oaks Family Medicine
  • Jessica Wilson-Jones | UF Health, UFP Education and Training
  • Pamela Budd | UF Health, UFP IT
  • Kendra Miller | UF Health, Finance and Accounting
  • Andrea Bolton | UF Health, Access Center
  • Shannon Boyer | UF Health, Cardiopulmonary
  • Kandace Collins | UF Health, Internal Medicine, Springhill II
  • Robyn Broxton | UF Health, Access Center
  • Amanda Phelps & Christina Perez | UF/COD, Human Resources
  • Sarah Slysofski | UF/COM, OBGYN
  • Lisa Merlo Greene | UF/COM, COM Wellness
  • Corina Velasquez, Tyler Mayo, Katie Rogers | UF/COM, Human Resources
  • Tammy Bleeker | UF/COM, Pediatrics
  • Jennifer Barghout & Christina Hendricks | UF/COM, Anesthesiology
  • Dr. Sharon Byun | UF/COM, OBGYN
  • Dr. Louis Moy | UF/COM, Urology
  • Lea Crowley | UF/UF Health, Community Health & Family Medicine
  • Jill Sutton | UF/UF Health, Florida Recovery Center
  • Belinda Richardson | UF Health, Integrated Services Center, Waldo Rd.
  • Teresa Cavanaugh | College of Pharmacy
  • Cristina Zeretzke-Bien | UF/COM, Emergency Medicine
  • Crystal Johnson-Mann | UF/COM, Surgery
  • Chelsea Zimmerman | UF/COM, Pediatric Endocrinology
  • Penny Bohannon | UF/COM, Cardiology at Heart & Vascular Hospital
  • Kathi Hoffman | UF Health, Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Institute
  • Maryann Grottano | UF Health, Tower Hill Internal Medicine
  • Ricky McHugh | UF/COM, Anesthesiology Residency Program
  • Gayle Durden | UF Health, Nursing Education
  • Stephanie Stenner | UF/COM, Urology
  • Lindsay Howell | UF/COM, Medicine
  • Suzanne Dekay | UF Health, Safety & Security
  • Kayla Southerland | UF/COM, Nephrology Residency Program
  • Casey Willits | UF/COM, Otolaryngology Residency Program
  • Scott Gregory | UF/COM, Pathology Residency Program
  • Terra Smith | UF/COM, Child Pyschiatry
  • Zakia Kelly | UF Health, ED Admissions
  • Kara Wassman | UF Health, Audit Services
  • Kellee Taylor | UF/COM, Department of Medicine