Bring Wellness to Your Area

Bring wellness to your department with these presentations, screenings, and challenges!


Intro to Wellness

This short 10-minute presentation is perfect for your next staff meeting! Review the wellness opportunities available and find out how to stay current on upcoming activities.

Beyond the Stress Ball

This powerful workshop offers practical tools for managing stress that go beyond traditional advice. You’ll learn how effective thinking, mindfulness, and relaxation techniques can lower your stress level and increase your quality of life.


Feeling tied to your desk lately? You’re not alone. Many American workers have a desk job and are sedentary six to eight hours a day. In this presentation you will learn fun and easy ways to build activity into your workday– often without even leaving your desk!

Grocery Store Tour

Learn what to look for from each aisle, compare products to become a food label pro, and get tips to find your “best fit” foods, those that taste good, are good for you, and that fit within your food budget.

We suggest the in-store tour but can also bring the tour to your conference room.

Work Out, Work Better

Sore neck, shoulders, back, or other muscles? Whether you sit or stand for most of the day, you probably suffer from a not-so-ergonomically-friendly work environment. Find out which muscles to strengthen, which muscles to stretch, and how to maintain a proper posture to help you work comfortably and work better.

Boost: Transform Your Energy

Energy is a precious resource. When you don’t take time to rest and renew at work, you deplete your energy reserves. This leaves you with little to no energy to devote to the things outside work that matter most. Learn how to work more efficiently, take a more effective work break and transform your energy.

Meal Prep 101

Learn to prepare tasty, nutritious meals in advance so you don’t have to cook everyday but you still have healthy options on hand.

To find out about additional presentations, please email the GatorCare Wellness Manager.


Body Composition Screenings

Learn your weight, BMI, body fat or body composition, and hydration levels. After the screening, meet with a health educator to review your results and discuss ways to improve your numbers.

Blood Pressure Screenings

Do you know your numbers? After the screening, meet with a health educator to review your results and discuss ways to improve your numbers.


GatorCare sponsors several challenges throughout the year. Participate with your department as a team and compete against other teams at UF and UF Health. Join the Wellness Email List (visit the GatorCare Homepage to sign up today) to receive updates about upcoming challenges. Challenges include the spring and fall walking challenges and the summer water challenge.

To schedule an activity for your department, please email GatorCare Wellness Manager Morgan Papworth at Activities are available for all UF and UF Health employees, regardless of insurance coverage.