Stress Less and Thrive


May Events

  • May 6: Envision Your Financial Future
  • May 6: Wellness Wednesday: Sleep and Stress
  • May 7: Surviving the Challenge of the Problem Employee
  • May 28: Managing Debt: Striking the Balance of Between Spending and Saving
  • May 28: Optimal Health and Performance (Psychoneuroimmunology)

June Events

  • June 3: Managing Debt: Striking the Balance of Between Spending and Saving
  • June 3: Wellness Wednesday: Move with the Cheese
  • June 4: What to Do First When Everything is Important
  • June 6: De-Stress with Breath and Renew with Gratitude- The Science and Practice of Wellbeing
  • June 9: Problem Solving in the Workplace (MBTI)
  • June 11: Social Security
  • June 12: Medicare
  • June 17: Attitude: Radiating Possibility
  • June 24: Get Real
  • June 29: Smart Credit
  • June 30: Do It

April’s Strive to Thrive Challenge: Keep on thriving throughout May and June

Although the Strive to Thrive challenge took place in April, many of the resources, handouts, and information are still applicable so don’t hesitate to check it out!

Take a few moments each day to stress less and thrive more. Click on the links in the calendar below to find helpful handouts, events, information and more.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday


Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction
Register for this eight-week course, which starts April 8 and includes evidence-based tools for reducing stress.


Positive affirmations
A variety of positive affirmations that you can hang on your bathroom mirror, computer, or dashboard.


Attend a free Zumba class every Wednesday!


Tai Chi for Wellbeing
This 11-week series begins tonight


Get some fresh air!
Check out our University of Florida and UF Health campus walking maps that range from 6- to 45-minutes in duration.


Get Strong!
Attend Free Pilates every Sat. Morning through the end of April.


Financial matters matter
Use this guide to help map out your budget—and watch for helpful workshops  in May and June! Want to sit down with a financial counselor? View the calendar of open office hours.


An attitude of gratitude
Feelings of gratitude can positively affect our mood. Remind yourself of the things in your life that make you smile, then thank those who have made them possible.


Celebrate the Earth!
UF’s Campus Earth Day celebration, from 10-2 on the Plaza of the Americas, will feature information, free food, performances, and more.


Box Breathing
Give your mind a break from the outside world by focusing on your breath. Review the handout for a how-to guide on a beginner’s breathing technique, the “box breath.”


Tai Chi &Yiquan Qigong weekend workshops
Rooted in traditional Chinese medicine, philosophy, and martial arts with demonstrated benefits to the body and mind


Shift work taking a toll?
Shift work can have a huge impact on your stress levels and well-being. Download our brochures on Nutrition and Exercise and Sleep.


Practice a guided meditation
Follow this guided meditation led by UF Health Integrative Medicine mindfulness practitioner, Nancy Lasseter, Ed.S., LMHC.


Kick the habit
Get resources to help you quit tobacco including a comprehensive list of local and online resources. Refer to the Tobacco page for more information.


Beyond the Stress Ball
Don’t miss this interactive “lunch and learn” workshop that offers practical tools for managing stress. Register online or email Angie Brown to sign up for the live stream .


Stress eating?
Color your plate and watch this video on mindful eating.


Make a list of your personal stressors
Use this handout for tips and ideas to better manage your stress.


Slow down your breathing
Find this and other helpful apps on the UF Counseling and Wellness Center website.


Take a “brain dump”
Got a case of the Mondays? Take a moment to list everything that’s on your mind, no matter how big or small to clear your head.


Meditation for Beginners
Guided sessions offered in a group setting. By appointment only. Call (352) 733.0881 by noon on the day you would like to attend.


Gentle Yoga for Health
Try this mindfulness-based mat class dedicated to individuals with health conditions each Wednesday.


Need to move more at work?
Check out our Deskercise presentation and handout to learn how to move more throughout your work day, and be sure to try the 30-Day Deskercise Challenge!


Practice chair yoga

Watch this video from UF Health’s Integrative Medicine.


Get some zzz’s
These resources can help: Ten tips for sleep
Sleeping Well (UF Health
Integrative Medicine)


Share the love
Doing something kind for someone else can help you thrive.Check out this list of ideas of how you can “pay it forward.”


De-stress your desk!
An unorganized desk can add to your stress. Take 20 minutes today to get things in order and create a Zen work space.


More than everyday stress?
Are you or a loved one dealing with an issue, but aren’t sure of the severity?Take this free, confidential screening and visit a University of Florida or UF Health EAP website for help.


Resources for caregivers
Caring for a parent or aging relative can be stressful. The good news is there are many resources to  help.


Have you laughed today?
Research shows laughing can reduce stress levels and help clear your brain, so pick your YouTubing pleasure: puppies and babies, animals and mirrors, shark cat and Roomba, or a dog tease.


Create a stress-free future
Calculate your future living expenses and sign up for the FLARE listserv to get the most current information on finances and retirement. Want to talk to someone in person? Check out Lincoln’s April office hours here.