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Recordings of Wellness Wednesday Presentations

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Cultivating Wellness in 2017: Throw Out Your Resolutions

Tamara Warner, PhD, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, UF Health Shands Rehab Hospital
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Do you make New Year’s resolutions in January only to abandon them in a matter of months or even weeks? Explore why resolutions don’t work and how you can take a more mindful approach to cultivating greater wellness in all areas on your life. Learn several tools to help you move away from “striving” and “accomplishing goals” to a more process and strengths-based approach that draws on principles from positive psychology and mindfulness.

Women and Coronary Artery Disease

Anita Wokhlu, MD, Assistant Professor of Medicine, UF Division of Cardiovascular Medicine
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Heart disease is the leading killer of American women, yet heart disease and related risk factors are often missed in women. Learn about your risk for heart disease, what makes it more likely and how to help protect your heart by adopting heart-healthy habits.

Fruit Trees for Your Florida Friendly Landscape

Wendy Wliber, Statewide Master Gardener Program Coordinator, UF/IFAS Alachua Count Extension Service
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Fruits provide vital nutrients for maintenance of your body. With little training and a sunny spot in the yard you could be producing your own blueberries, figs, persimmons, plums, grapes, and more. This class will go over variety selection, planting, fertilizing, pruning, and maintenance of the best fruit trees for North and Central Florida.

Online and Mobile Wellness Resources

Maggie Ansell, MLIS, Nursing and Consumer Health Liaison Librarian, Francois Modave, PhD, Associate Professor of Biomedical Informatics, Director of the mHealth Lab, UF Department of Health Outcomes and Policy
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Discover trustworthy and useful health resources that are freely available online and designed to be understood by the layperson. Learn about some of the most popular websites for health information, such as MedlinePlus, as well as mobile apps for keeping track of your health and maintaining healthy habits.

Sleep Problems: Emotional and Physical Wellbeing

Khurshid Khurshid, MD, FAASM, Associate Professor, University of Florida
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Sleep disturbances can occur on their own, but most experience poor sleep alongside mental or physical health problems. Additionally, poor sleep itself can be a risk factor for future illness and can worsen existing health conditions. Learn about the relationship between sleep and your wellbeing and discover preventative strategies to improve sleep and protect your health.

Wanting More Than Enough: Could It Be Addiction?

Jamie Smolen, MD, Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry, Division of Addiction Medicine, UF Health Recovery Center

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Addiction is a disorder of the brain’s rewards system. A pleasurable behavior becomes repetitious, whether it be the buzz effect of alcohol, eating mouthwatering desserts or the continuous gratification from cell phones and social media. The brain is easily programmable for obsession, causing desirable and even irresistible anticipation. Gain a better understanding of how the brain works and learn about the signs of addiction as well as types of treatment.


Balancing Science and Soul: The Biology and Psychology of Weight Loss

Ted Spiker, Professor and Chair, UF Department of Journalism
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Ted Spiker has written about health and fitness for most of his career, yet he’s also struggled with his weight, with dieting, with finding the right balance between what works and what doesn’t. In his book, DOWN SIZE, Spiker explores the intersection of scientific approaches to weight loss—and how psychology influences those approaches. Here, Spiker will share fun, humiliating and inspiring stories of his struggles and successes, and he’ll give practical advice for figuring out not what diet works best for everyone, but rather how to find what works best for you. He’ll address diet, fitness, and psychological tactics for making health fun—and effective. In 2012, Spiker was named one of the 100 most influential people in health and fitness by

Healthy Running: What Every Runner, Novice or Seasoned, Should Know

Heather Vincent, PhD, FACSM
Director, UF Sports Performance Center and Human Performance Laboratory
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Learn the safe way to start a running program or how you might change your current running program in order to enhance performance and prevent injury. This discussion will share common myths about running form, running shoes, and foot strike. Please be sure to bring your questions.

Spring Vegetable Gardening

Wendy Wilber, Statewide Master Gardener Program Coordinator
UF/IFAS Alachua County Extension Service

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Spring is a great time to grow your own vegetables. This class will teach site selection, selecting the best veggie varieties for North Central Florida, and maintaining the garden. Raised bed and container gardening techniques will also be covered. Come learn how to grow your own vegetables in this fun class.

Coming to Your Senses: Stress Relief in the Moment

Gizem Toska, PhD, Assistant Director and Outreach Director, UF Counseling & Wellness Center

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One effective and efficient way of managing our stress is to rely on our sensations unfolding in the moment. This simple yet powerful idea can be put into practice in many ways. Join this interactive and experiential workshop to learn about and practice stress management through utilizing your senses. We will also explore and clarify how your body responds to stress and what types of stress relief activities might be a good fit for you.

Inside Out: Understanding Depression

Rosa West, PhD, Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Outreach Coordinator, UF Counseling & Wellness Center

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Depression is common worldwide, with an estimated 350 million people affected. Join us to develop an understanding of the concepts and dynamics of depression through discussion and interactive activities, including learning how to identify and recognize sources and manifestations of depression in daily life and coping and self-management strategies to care for yourself and support others.

Healthy Sleep: Guidelines for Improved Sleep Quality

Jessica Payne-Murphy, PhD, Behavioral Sleep Medicine Postdoctoral Fellow
Department of Clinical & Health Psychology

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Good sleep can be difficult to attain, and with ever-evolving sleep products on the market, it can be challenging to know what devices or clinical strategies can truly improve our slumber. Join us to learn more about the current evidence-based findings for enhancing sleep quality.

Work-Life Balance: Exploring What Works for You

Gizem Toska, PhD, Assistant Director and Outreach Director, UF Counseling & Wellness Center

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Most have heard it before, the well-intended suggestion to engage in self-care in order to achieve work-life balance. Given the many demands and pressures, such invitations can feel difficult or unrealistic. Embracing the fact that each one of us has unique needs, this session will assist you to clarify what balance means for you. Look into your ongoing self-care efforts and identify what at times get in the way. Explore how you can strengthen your current self-care practices, identify what may at times get in the way, and discover how to maintain a realistic and individualized work-life balance.

Applying Ergonomic Principles at Your Workstation 

Todd Morrone, M.Ed., MSBA, Coordinator of Risk Management, UF Environmental Health & Safety

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The Centers for Disease Control reports that work-related musculoskeletal disorders account for nearly 70 million physician office visits in the United States annually and an estimated 130 million total health care encounters, including outpatient, hospital and emergency room visits. Don’t become a statistic! Learn how to integrate neutral posture, fit, and task rotation (movement) into your daily work process to prevent discomfort and injury.

UF Sustainability: How to Go Green at Work

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Did you know that the campus energy bill is nearly $40 million each year and campus produces more than 30 million pounds of waste and recycling annually? The Office of Sustainability implements programs and processes to reduce UF’s energy and water consumption, shrink our carbon footprint, reduce landfill waste, and empower individuals to adopt sustainable habits on campus and at home. Learn about the innovative programs specifically designed for faculty and staff, such as the departmental bike share program, the Neutral UF Coalition, sustainable office and event certification programs, the Prairie Project initiative, and more.

Raising a Healthy Eater

Linda Bobroff, Professor, UF/IFAS Department of Family, Youth, and Community Sciences

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Feeding young children can be a delight and/or a source of anxiety, guilt, and frustration. This session will focus on what parents and caregivers can do to increase the odds that feeding children will be a positive experience and support their healthy development. We will explore the Division of Responsibility in feeding, developed by Ellyn Satter, RD, MS, MSW, internationally known authority on child nutrition and feeding. This approach promotes positive attitudes about food, appropriate self-regulation of food intake, and pleasant mealtimes for all.

A Consumer’s Guide to Probiotics and Health Benefits

Wendy Dahl, PhD, Associate Professor, UF/IFAS Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition

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With so many brands of probiotics available and each containing its unique mix of organisms, choosing which to use can be a challenge.  This presentation will highlight the current evidence on the effectiveness of select probiotics for common conditions, such as constipation, IBS and type 2 diabetes, and provide tips for choosing the right probiotics for you.


Wearables and Fitness Apps: Top Trends for 2014 and How Technology Can Help You Improve Your Health

Rebeccah Mercado, MS, CHES

Program Coordinator, UF Center for Digital Health and Wellness
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Wearables are quickly becoming the new fashion statement as they grow beyond the basic step-counting bracelets into more sophisticated movement-tracking devices that can distinguish between walking, running, swimming and biking. Fitness apps seem to be multiplying faster than we can count, but which ones are the most popular and do they really work? In this discussion we will explore some of the top trends in wearable technology as well as fitness apps and how you can use these gadgets to improve you own personal health.


When Diets Don’t Work, What Can I Do?

Karin Kratina, PhD, RD, LD/N

Nutrition Therapy Associates; Consultant, UF Health Eating Disorder Recovery Center
View recording (Please note: Some excess noise is found at the beginning of the recording,
which settles down considerably approximately 2 minutes into the presentation.)

We are born with a natural ability to self-regulate food intake for optimal health and weight. Unfortunately, this ability gets lost when we use calorie counting and portion control, when we restrict food intake, when we join the Clean Plate Club and at times, even when we try to eat healthfully. But “attuned eating” is our birthright, and we can reconnect with this ability to eat when hungry, naturally lose interest in food as we get full and easily walk away. If you are ready for a radically different approach to eating and weight management, join us for this introduction to attuned eating. You will learn specific techniques to help you reconnect with your eating wisdom and find freedom from eating and weight struggles.



Beyond Nutrition

Kathryn Parker, RD, LD/N

Program Manager for Diabetes Education, UF Health Shands
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The difference between the calories you need (for health) and the calories you want (the extra) may be affecting your health. This presentation will reveal how you can include all those forbidden calories in your diet without wearing the extra calories. Learn how many calories, fat grams, sodium, cholesterol, fiber, protein and carbs you need each day.



Changing Your Mind: The Power of Thought

Rebeccah Mercado, MS, CHES

Program Coordinator, UF Center for Digital Health and Wellness
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Did you know that how you think directly impacts your physical and emotional health and wellbeing? Current research is finding that a vast majority of illnesses are a direct result of an individual’s thought life. Marcus Aurelius once said “Our life is what our thoughts make it”; therefore, change how you think and you can change your health and quality of life. In this session we will explore the impact thoughts can have on personal success, health and happiness and a 21-day plan to detoxify your brain.


What Have Your Thighs Done for You Lately? How to Free Yourself From Body Angst and, Finally, Enjoy Living in Your Body

Karin Kratina, PhD, RD, LD/N, Nutrition Therapy Associates

Consultant, UF Health Eating Disorder Recovery Center
What Have Your Thighs Done for You Lately?

As women and girls, we are taught to critique our looks constantly. Not only weight and body shape, but also how we dress, the shape of our eyebrows, how much shine is on our face, and on and on. We learn that body monitoring is part of being female. Then we judge ourselves as we might a statue or painting. Join us for this uplifting talk on how to escape this war on our bodies…not just for those who struggle, but also for anyone who know someone who does. Learn tips and techniques to heal body angst and discover how to enjoy living in your body.



Sleep Health

Lauren Arce, MSN, RN, CNL, OCN, AHN-BC, Integrative Medicine Nurse Coordinator

UF Health Integrative Medicine
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Learn what happens during sleep, the consequences of insufficient sleep and tips for sleeping well.


Move with the Cheese

Rebeccah Mercado, MS, CHES

Program Coordinator, UF Center for Digital Health and Wellness
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Explore the link between stress and aging and discover steps to remain young in heart and mind, even while our bodies age.


Great Expectations: How to Smooth the Transition as You Welcome Your Baby Home

Mary Ryngaert, ARNP, IBCLC, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and Lactation Consultant

UF Center for Breastfeeding and Newborns
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Practical and evidence-based tips for new parents will be offered.


Field and Fork: Campus Food Resources

Anna Prizzia, MS, Campus Food Systems Coordinator

UF/IFAS College of Agricultural and Life Sciences
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Learn all about the range of resources on campus for local food.  Anna will share details about the new on-campus food pantry; the UF Community Farm; and other programming in support of wellness, nutrition and local food!


Fall Vegetable Gardening in Raised Beds

Aparna Gazula, PhD

UF/IFAS Alachua County Extension Service
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Learn what nutritious vegetables can be grown in your garden this fall and how to grow them yourself using the efficient technique of raised beds.


Prevent Diabetes STAT: Screen Test Act Today

Kathryn Parker, RD, LD/N

Program Manager for Diabetes Education, UF Health
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Many people realize they have diabetes only when a major health event, such as a heart attack or kidney failure, occurs. Discover any risk factors you may have and learn how to stay healthy.


Your Perfect Guide to a Healthy Weight: Eating Plan? Or Eat with Wisdom?

Karin Kratina, PhD, RD, LD/N

Nutrition Therapy Associates Consultant, UF Health Eating Disorder Recovery Center
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The complex mechanisms that guide eating are not turned off simply because you are following an eating plan, and this is why so many plans fail. Learn how to work with your body instead of against it.



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