Walking Challenge

Be back soon!The Walking Challenge will start up again in Spring 2019.

Want to keep using Walker Tracker to count your steps? Click here to download a PDF explaining how to keep using Walker Tracker.

If you want to use Walker Tracker to have your own challenge between friends or coworkers, click here to learn how to start a competition!

Please note: Fall 2018 teams will be disbanded on the Walker Tracker platform. Your account will exist, but your team will not. This will allow you to form new teams for your own challenges, or for the Spring Walking Challenge in 2019!

Winner Spotlights

Steal the trophy from the previous challenge winners!  The winning teams will have their team name added to the trophy and get to house the trophy until the next challenge winners are announced.

Fall 2018 Winners

Spring 2018 Winners

Fall 2017:

Spring 2017:

Fall 2016:

Spring 2016:

Fall 2015:

Spring 2015: