Walking Challenge

Get involved with a little healthy competition.

This multi-week walking challenge will encourage you and your coworkers to get up and get moving! The goal is to move more throughout the day, whether it be parking further away, taking a walk during lunch, or doing an exercise video at home. Participants and teams track and record their daily steps throughout the challenge.

2018 Spring Walking Challenge

Registration for the 2018 Walking Challenge is now open! Register your team HERE. Please make sure to register by March 14th. The challenge will begin on March 19th.

NEW: The 2018 Spring Walking Challenge will be six weeks long instead of four.

Use the hashtag #StepsForWellness on your Instagram, Twitter, and/or Facebook walking challenge photos to share your fun team photos with everyone!

Helpful links:

If you have any questions, please email Mallory Rubek at rubekm@shands.ufl.edu.

Important Dates

Spring Walking Challenge Starts March 19
Week 1 Results Due March 27
Week 1 Results Released via Email March 28
Stair Mini Challenge 1 Starts April 2
Week 2 Results Due April 3
Week 2 Results Released via Email April 4
Mini Challenge 2 Starts April 6
Week 3 Results Due April 10
Week 3 Results Released via Email April 11
Mini Challenge 2 Due April 12
Mini Challenge 3 Starts April 13
Stair Mini Challenge Due (1st submission) April 16
Week 4 Results Due April 17
Week 4 Results Released via Email April 18
Mini Challenge 3 Due April 19
Mini Challenge 4 Starts April 20
Week 5 Results Due April 24
Week 5 Results Released via Email April 25
Mini Challenge 4 Due April 26
Spring Walking Challenge Ends April 29
Stair Mini Challenge Due (2nd submission) April 30
Week 6 Results Due May 1
Final Walking Challenge Results Released May 2

Stair Mini-Challenge

The objective of this mini-challenge is to climb as many flights as possible throughout four weeks to reach one of the three tallest buildings in the world! You will receive a prize based on which building you reach at the end of the challenge.

The challenge will run from Monday, April 2nd-Sunday, April 29th.

1 flight =1 floor of stairs

View documents below to learn more about the challenge:

Winner Spotlights

Steal the trophy from the previous challenge winners!  The winning teams will have their team name added to the trophy and get to house the trophy until the next challenge winners are announced.

Fall 2017:

Spring 2017:

Fall 2016:

Spring 2016:

Fall 2015:

Spring 2015: