2017 Pharmacy Deductible

Beginning January 1, 2017, GatorCare members enrolled in Prime, Prime Plus, Premium, Healthy Rewards HRA, or Options plans and beginning August 16, 2017, members enrolled in GatorGradCare will be required to satisfy a prescription drug deductible for purchases of all Tier 2-5 prescription drugs before the plan’s prescription benefits apply.  The deductible amount is $100 per covered person, with a deductible cap of $400 per family.  Each member will pay the deductible plus any applicable coinsurance, up to the cost of the drug. For drugs that cost less than $100, members will pay the cost of the drug, until the $100 prescription drug deductible is met.  The deductible applies regardless of whether you purchase your prescription from a retail or mail order pharmacy.

The prescription drug deductible does not apply to Healthy Rewards HSA.