Weight Management

Shape Up- NEW Weight Management Program for GatorCare Members

This program will empower participants to lose weight and develop healthy behaviors over the course of eight weeks. In addition to biweekly weigh-ins, the program will offer educational presentations and a variety of interactive, hands-on activities meant to support weight loss goals. Activities include grocery store tours, group workouts, cooking mixers, individual nutrition sessions, and more!

What’s different about Shape Up?

Participants will invest in their health, quite literally. To join, they must deposit $100 into the program. Every two weeks participants will earn back their money by reaching their weight loss goals. Participants who meet their weight loss goals will receive this program at no cost!

Who should join?

This program is open to all GatorCare members interested in losing weight, managing diabetes or pre-diabetes, and/or managing other chronic conditions like high blood pressure.

How do I sign up?

If you are a GatorCare member interested in registering for Shape Up, please complete the following steps:

  1. Review the Shape Up summary document to gain a full understanding of how the program works
  2. Once you have reviewed the document, you may register HERE

If you have any questions, email Program Coordinator Mallory Rubek at rubekm@shands.ufl.edu.

Registration closes January 5; the program begins January 8

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