Increase nutrition in your department! Book one of these presentations offered by our Registered Dietitian:

Lunch and Learn: Ask the Dietitian

Does your department have any burning nutrition questions for our dietitian? Schedule a lunch and learn session and get your questions answered! Each session will focus on a chosen topic. The sessions will be 30-60 minutes during your lunch hour, so please bring your lunch and enjoy this informative discussion.

Meal Prep 101

Learn to efficiently prepare tasty, nutritious meals in your kitchen to bring to work and have prepared when you’re ready to eat at home without cooking every day.

Grocery Store Tour

Bring the grocery store to your conference room! Learn what to look for from the main sections of the store, compare products to become a food label pro, and get tips to find foods that taste good, are nutrient dense and budget conscious.

Bring a Dark Chocolate Tasting to Your Area

Want to bring a chocolate tasting to your department or next event? Book the GatorCare dietitian and learn how to mindfully enjoy this treat with no guilt by selecting more nutritious chocolates. Flavor profiles, pairings and health benefits will be discussed. Departments are responsible for purchasing
chocolate and supplies.

For more details or to schedule a presentation, contact Bridget, RD/LDN.


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