Diabetes Supplies

Frequently Asked Questions


What do I need to do to get these free supplies?

You will need to complete the four online educational modules, and have your provider send a prescription for the meter, lancets, and strips to the UF Health Medical Plaza Pharmacy, 352-265-8270. Once your prescription has been sent, you will need to call the pharmacy to let them know that you will be picking up the supplies or need them mailed to you, at which point you will provide your address. You will need to call the pharmacy every 90 days to have your prescription refilled.


Which supplies are included?

True Metrix glucometer, test strips, and lancets.


Do I have to pick up the supplies?

No. You have to option to have the supplies mailed to you.


How do I get my supplies mailed?

Call the UF Health Medical Plaza pharmacy at 352-265-8270 to give them your address.


Who is eligible for this program?

Any GatorCare member who has Type I or Type II diabetes, uses test strips, and has completed the four educational modules is eligible.


My child is covered under my GatorCare plan, is she/he eligible?

Yes, your child is eligible for the TrueMetrix if she/he is using a traditional meter for testing. Best recommendations are to have the child view the educational modules with the parent, who will need to complete the modules on the child’s behalf.


Do I have to discontinue my current strips?

No, you may continue to use your current meter and strips through your pharmacy benefit. If you currently have strips, we encourage you to use those before ordering the free True Metrix meter and supplies.


Which meter should my physician write a prescription for?

The True Metrix Meter


What is Emmi? How do I register? Where can I find more support for Emmi?

Check out this Emmi Flyer for more information


Where can I find my “member ID number”?

Use your Florida Blue card to find your Member ID number. You will notice your Member Number starts with “UFSH”. Refer to the photo for assistance.

FLB card

How do I know which Emmi modules I still need to complete once I register?

After registration, you will receive an e-mail from Emmi with your confirmation. Use the link and code provided to access your account and to see your overall progress.


What is the link at the end of the Emmi modules?

You will be prompted to complete a voluntary consent form allowing GatorCare access to A1c and BMI values from your electronic medical record. This information will help us to evaluate the success of this pilot program and continue offering this special benefit after 2019.

You will be prompted to visit the link after you complete the Emmi video modules. You only need to visit the link once.


Questions? Please email gatorcare@shands.ufl.edu.