Healthy @ Home, Well @ Work Bingo

august 5 – 30

Healthy @ Home, Well @ Work Bingo

Fill out your healthy habit to-do list on a bingo board, earn prizes for getting B-I-N-G-O!


How does this work?

  1. Sign up to receive Healthy @ Home, Well @ Work emails here.
  2. Download your Bingo board and your task list. August 5-16 will be Healthy @ Home tasks and August 19-30 will be Well @ Work tasks. If you’re not sure exactly what a task is asking you to do, you can download the Healthy @ Home task descriptions here, and the Well @ Work task descriptions here.
  3. You will complete 16 of the 32 tasks listed and put the corresponding numbers anywhere you’d like on your Bingo board. Check out this Example Bingo Board to see how to fill yours out!
  4. You will text “@HHWWB” to 81010. This is how you’ll receive updates on the numbers we draw, and how you’ll submit your Bingo board for review! You’ll receive text updates with additional instructions.


Reach out to Katherine Clarke at with any questions about Healthy @ Home, Well @ Work bingo.